Amnesty International jobs. A unique opportunity to start a career in an international organization is provided to young professionals no older than 32 years old who have a diploma of higher education and dream of improving their qualifications in administration.

The selection of candidates takes place once a year, it is necessary to follow the list of countries whose citizens can participate in the competition, as it undergoes changes every year. A two-year contract is concluded with those who have passed the entrance examinations, after which it is possible to conclude a long-term contract and the desired continuation of work at Amnesty International.

As soon as the next set is announced, candidates need to read the list of posts this year to start online registration, where they will need to provide personal data, information about citizenship, education, and work experience.

Successfully completed the online stage and satisfying all the requirements, candidates are allowed to take entrance tests in writing, held in English or French. There they check the knowledge of the language and the ability to solve problems within the scope of future activities. At the third stage of the selection, candidates will have a video interview with the commission.

amnesty international jobs

Steps for getting the Amnesty International job

Careers in the international sector require clear planning. Check out some tips to help you achieve your goal efficiently. To get a job at Amnesty International, you need to follow 3 main steps.

Step 1 Find a vacancy

Before looking for a vacancy, select the industry in which you want to work, read the description of the vacancy in this industry. See everything about the position on the official website of the organization.

Step 2 Make sure your skills and experience meet the requirements of the vacancy

Even in vacancies for beginners, you need to indicate your skills and work experience. Most vacancies have very carefully defined requirements, the appropriate level of experience and skills of the candidate they are looking for. Therefore, to analyze your chances, we recommend that you create a Compliance table.

In the left column, describe the requirements for the job you want to get, and in the right – how you meet them. These tables not only allow you to assess your chances as a candidate for this vacancy but also to write a further plan for your professional development. In general, a different resume should be formulated for each specific position, as the requirements for vacancies are different.

Step 3 Create a professional development plan

Your previous correspondence table will help you in part. In general, if you do not have enough experience to apply for a certain vacancy, but you have a clear goal and vision that you definitely want to work in this organization and in this position – we recommend that you write a plan. For example, 5 of your steps for the next six months on how you will strengthen your professional portfolio.

The process of getting Amnesty International jobs

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