Events organized under the auspices of the United Nations are still presented by many exclusively closed gatherings for politicians. This means it’s time to make sure the opposite. After all, the UN is working so that as many people in the world as possible are imbued with the ideas of justice, equality, and rational existence. If you feel motivated to solve the most important problems of humanity, your time has come!

Volunteers will have to cope with tasks of various kinds and candidates should be ready to work in different places and should be able to quickly adapt to life in different conditions and work under different circumstances. Participants cannot choose their work (work is determined by the needs of the organization, and not by personal preferences of employees); and the final place of work of the participant will be known only after the candidate has been hired and after his/her arrival at work. The vast majority of programs are designed for volunteer work for up to 12 months. All volunteers during the internship sign a renewable contract for a period of 6 to 12 months. It is also possible to undergo short-term internship programs for up to 3 months.

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UN Volunteer – sounds proudly

The activities of such a large-scale organization as the United Nations, of course, cannot do without the help of those who are ready to promote its initiatives free of charge. Volunteer assistance to the organization is possible by almost any means, and often it is precisely volunteer specialists who are needed: teachers, translators, and managers. This list dispels all misconceptions about volunteering as unskilled labor! You can work both in a specific country and organization, and online, without leaving your home.

How to become a volunteer?

Those who wish to become a member of a team of more than 12 thousand people – that is how many volunteers help the UN every year – must register on the site, choose a field of activity, submit an application, and after its approval you can start working. You can translate various documents into UN and rare languages, illustrate educational brochures, draw up business plans, write articles. Each volunteer is entitled to a certificate confirming a person’s good deeds.

The main requirements for trainees are:

  • age (usually up to 30-35 years);
  • a university diploma in the same or related specialty;
  • an internship in which is planned (or a certificate from the university for students);
  • work experience (for specialists);
  • high level of knowledge of foreign languages ( English + one or two, mostly French, German, Spanish).

A significant advantage will be the availability of scientific papers, research projects, publications, and a degree. You need to apply for an internship, volunteering, or a vacancy on the official websites of the organization – there is a separate page with conditions, requirements, an email address and a form to fill out. Read the terms and conditions carefully, paying attention to the dates, dates, and deadlines.

Having decided to apply UN volunteer job, prepare in advance the necessary documents: a diploma and an appendix to it, a certificate from the university, publications or scientific theses, an essay and a motivation letter, international certificates in English (German, French, etc.). All this must be sent along with the completed application form, so it would be nice to have them in your hands and not miss the deadline.

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