It is probably difficult to imagine a person who actively participates in the life of society or the state in the modern world and has never heard of the United Nations (UN). At the same time, it is impossible to imagine the present world if humanity did not create such an organization. All this follows from the fact that today the UN has closely influenced the life of each state, is an arbiter in solving any problems, domestic or global, economic or political.

Determinates of the level of salary in UN

One of the advantages of UN robots is high salaries. However, the level of salary depends entirely on what position you take. There are several main categories of staff in the UN – these are P-staff (professional-staff), G-staff (general-staff), national officers (national professional officer), field-staff. All of them are responsible for their sects and have their salary calculator.

un salary calculator

However, the salary level, which is determined by the salary calculator, is influenced by many factors. An important role in increasing earnings is played by the skill level of workers. In other words, the size of investments in “human capital” is affected here. Experience is everything that you are qualified to do, the longer you work, the higher your salary. An employee needs to develop his soft skills and hard skills every day because they play an important role in career advancement. All kinds of training, seminars, assessment centers, as well as requirements for knowledge of foreign languages ​​(most often, of course, English) provide the employee with a large amount of specialized knowledge that contributes to his professional and personal growth. Moving from one level to a higher, you should always try to develop. Moving up the corporate ladder in an international corporation is, as a rule, strictly regulated. A young employee, before taking a managerial position, inevitably goes through several “growth points”. A specialist gradually assimilates corporate values ​​and company experience in a particular area, learns from the mistakes of others – this is how professionalism is brought up.

You need to clearly understand that a career at the UN begins with the position of the trainee, who in most cases does not receive a salary at all. So, it can last from 6 months to a year. During this time, the specialist gains good experience in an international organization, but this is not a guarantee that he/she will be hired. Locals work in missions and the UN secretariat. The estimated minimum wage of a beginner is $ 4.5 thousand per month. Also, he/she is provided with compensation:

  • for rental housing;
  • car rental;
  • partial payment of medical insurance for the employee and his family members.

Those who are part of the staff and have work experience of more than 5 years earn more. To get a leadership position, you need to have a higher education with a master’s degree in business, procurement, or commerce. Permanent employees sign a new contract every year. A pleasant bonus in the work of the UN is not only a high salary but also the opportunity to help the whole world.

UN salary calculator. The harder the job, the higher the salary