Lots of people dreaming about changing the world for better are considering working for the UN, finding United Nations careers attractive in the extreme. There are many aims the United Nations is focused on, including the eradication of poverty, defending people’s rights, and providing better educational opportunities to different countries around the globe. The issues of the UN are diverse, as well as the career offers. So, if you’ve been dreaming about working in a team of passionate professionals devoted to their job, United Nations careers will certainly be interesting for you. You will work with people of different nationalities, which will certainly boost your communicative skills. 

united nations careers

United Nations Careers: Main Characteristics of a Good Candidate

Talented and devoted to their mission people that’s what the company is interested in. United Nations careers will suit those who want to protect people and change their lives in particular and the entire world in general for the better. You shouldn’t be a genius to be accepted. All you should have is good communicative skills, the ability to adapt, and creativity. Some positions require education and many years of working experience, so mind it. Other characteristics appreciated in the UN include:

  1. Client orientation. You will likely work with people, so you should do your best to understand and help them. Clients first.
  2. Ability to learn. You should always be ready for new information. Flexibility and ability to learn are the main factors influencing your success.
  3. Creativity. Sometimes you’ll have to find solutions to really complicated problems, which may be impossible if you not a creative person. Be open-minded and ready for new ideas, and your chances of getting a job will increase greatly. 
  4. Good communicative skills. A majority of the UN workers work in a team, so communication is the key. Make sure you haven’t any problems with it.
  5. Teamwork. You will have a goal, but there will be other people working together to achieve it. 
  6. Computer skills. Modern technologies are developing rapidly, so the company offers different training to help its workers to keep pace with those.  

United Nations Careers. What to Choose?

As a candidate, you will have many jobs offers to consider. You should think about whether this or that position suits your qualification, interests, and lifestyle. You can choose between management, science, public information, administration, telecommunication technologies, and so on. There are also several categories of workers, including professional and higher categories, field services, national professional officers, general service and related categories, and senior appointments.

United Nations Careers Characteristics