As we know, the main aim of the UN is to build peace, improve education, and promote equality of people around the globe. UNESCO is a branch of the UN, that specializes in science, education, and culture, cooperating with many countries. An Agenda 2030 was adopted by the UN in 2015, stating developmental goals. Different programs of UNESCO help to achieve goals set by this agenda. UNESCO focuses on providing people all over the globe with qualitative education and promotes freedom of expression. As specialists are required in different corners of the world, there are many UNESCO jobs waiting for individuals who are ready to work for the well-being of humanity. 

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UNESCO Jobs Types

UNESCO Jobs are diverse, so it’s essential yo understand what you can do, what you want, and what you need. The main tool of the UNESCO is people, so lots of attention is paid to candidates to hire only the best specialists. There are several categories of UNESCO jobs for an applicant to choose from, including international professionals, general service workers, national professional officers, project appointments, temporary assignments, volunteers. Let’s have a more detailed look at those. 

  1. Volunteers. If you are at least twenty and have a good command of English or French, you are allowed to apply for any job from this category. Good computer skills are also essential. 
  2. Temporary assignments. The job offers from this category are diverse, including various offers for translators and other short-term workers. 
  3. Project appointments. If you want to apply for such a position, you should be a resident of a country you are going to work in. 
  4. National professional officers. To apply for any position from this category, one should have at least several years of working experience, good knowledge of both French and English. Higher education is also required. 
  5. General service. Specialists for this category are recruited locally. Job offers are different, so it’s better to visit the official website to have a look at those. 
  6. International professionals. All job offers presented in this category require proper education, excellent communication skills, and excellent knowledge of French and English. Working experience is essential as well. 

To apply for any of the UNESCO jobs, you should think about many factors that may influence your success. Those are your experience, your skills, your language experience. While applying, you should do your best to show all of your skills to increase your chances.

UNESCO Jobs Peculiarities